– via the QR code on the registration forms you can reach my homepage „Harryoke.de“.

– go to TITLE in the menu and choose the language you want to sing in. Use the search function to look for titles or artists.

– write the title, the artist and your name (or pseudonym) on the registration form and give it to me. Please use the same name all night so I can keep the order.

– each song is sung only once a night.

– only the persons who are registered on the registration form are allowed on stage!

– i call you on stage in order of the submission,

– each singer sings only once in each set, no matter if alone or as duets.

– a set is over when all singers have sung once. Then I‘ll sing a song to start the next set.

– the order of the following sets depends on the previous set, new singers join the end of the queue. So don’t hesitate too long, such a karaoke evening is often over faster than you think…

– please do not take any drinks on stage and handle the microphones with care.

Thanks a lot and have fun